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APC Mini Issue

Questions regarding general external control forum.
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APC Mini Issue

Post by BJB »

I am new to all this but know my way around computers, software, DMX etc. reasonably well. I am trying to set-up an APC Mini to control some old moving head lights. For the most part, everything is working as expected except for one puzzling issue.
The moving heads have a colour wheel and two gobo wheels. I can map the APC Mini using the NEXT COLOUR, PREVIOUS COLOUR functions and so on to move around among the colours and gobos - all works as expected. I would also like a RESET COLOUR and RESET GOBO to just take the wheels back to WHITE or NO GOBO as the case may be.
As there is no direct command for this in the Midi mapping list, I have created single step sequences to do the job. Invoking this with a Midi button for START SEQUENCE 1 etc works just fine as far as resetting the lights are concerned. The colour wheel goes back to WHITE, the gobo wheel goes back to NO GOBO.
But there is a difference in behaviour between the colour wheel and the gobo wheels when I next press NEXT COLOUR or NEXT GOBO. The colour wheel goes as expected to the first colour on the wheel (RED), but the gobo wheels go back to where they left off before being reset.
For example, if the gobo wheel was positioned at gobo number 4 on the wheel before I pressed RESET, when I press NEXT GOBO, it goes all the way forward to gobo number 5.
Since the colour and gobo wheels are essentially identical mechanically (they just rotate around to put either a colour or a shape in the path of the beam), I can't understand this difference in behaviour.
Anyone able to shed any light on this?

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