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problem with snap-, fade-, off- button

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problem with snap-, fade-, off- button

Post by Benjamin »

Hi experts,
have installed newest version of freestyler.
In setup i choose: "Automatically expand faders when fixture selected".
Then have created scenes and all worked fine. Fixtures snap or fade.
I could switch the snap-, fade-, off- button on the right side in the faders window.
Now - i don't know why - the button is not in the fader window anymore. :o
There's only a white area behind the sliders, that does nothing.
If I switch off "Automatically expand faders when fixture selected" in setup and manually start the sliders-window, there's a button on the left side, but when pointing and clicking on it - nothing happens!

Now I have the difficulty that I cannot adjust fade, snap and off.
Sorry, but I'm new in FreeStyler.
Please is there someone that could give me some help.
I'm just creating a show and without this function I can't go on working.

Thank you very much for your help!

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Re: problem with snap-, fade-, off- button

Post by Mattotone »

sounds like a bug to me, please report via this link
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Re: problem with snap-, fade-, off- button

Post by Jan_K »

Just a stupid question.

Are you in creating / edit sequence mode when you try to alternate the fade - snap button.

This is the only mode where this function is enabled.


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