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fixture creator complains

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fixture creator complains

Post by petergesell » June 28th, 2019, 12:38 am

I am concerned about fixture creator. There are many new fixtures with features out of classical standarts.
So, my wish is to acceed to make fixtures with more independ lights and more colors, or even more than simple pan and tilt, even 3 or more movement motors, etc What i mean, is to aceed to create fixtures where i can select channels that can be assigned to random values in a specific range in audiorritmic random mode, and generally have more control over what can be reached with what control.
I bought a fixture known as spider, with 2 motors, and 8 lamps, with 4 colors each. I had to assign 1 fixture with basic channels of the spider, and plus 8 fixtures with RGBA, it works, but it{s not practical. There are also spider fixtures with 3 motors Really i am not interested (my personal opinion) for such a library with existent fixtures, it should be easy to make the channel assignement in each one in order to create easy and quickly every different new fixture

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Re: fixture creator complains

Post by Rod_Horning » June 28th, 2019, 2:09 am

Near the top of this page is a link to The Bug Tracker. The Bug Tracker is also used to request Freestyler functionality. Please post your request in The Bug Tracker.

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