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Touchscreen problem with flash override button

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Touchscreen problem with flash override button

Post by lightman1990 »


I pretty new to freestyler. I read a lot about it and have experience with light controll.
I ran into a problem whit the override buttons in flash mode in combination with my surface touchscreen.
I know maybe not the most ideal touch solution but i have this one for my work so i can use this for my light control in my hobby time as well.

When i touch once short(for creating flash effect) a override button whit the flash option activated, it will stay active like a override button without flash activated. I event cant disable it by touch once shortly.

Touch long (for strobe effect for example) it reacts like a right mouse click.

When i push 2 times fast after each other and hold the second time, it works like a normal mouse click.
I also tried to disable some driversand/or services from windows 10 Pro. This also with no effect till now. Maybe i didn't disable the right one or is the problem somewhere else. Tips and help is welcome.

If my surface is the problem, who says that i don't have the same problem when i buy a normal touch screen? And when it is working with another touch screen why is it working there and not on my surface? Is this a driver problem or something else? Does other laptops with touch screen have the same problem?

I searched to change the touch screen behavior of my surface but cant find a solution. Tablet mode is also not the solution to this problem.

Doe someone know how i can fix this problem?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Touchscreen problem with flash override button

Post by oldschool87 »

hi! i've same problem! anythings help?

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