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Numark Orbit MIDI Controller

Questions regarding general external control forum.
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Numark Orbit MIDI Controller

Post by deeepdish »

Hi Everyone,

I bought a Numark Orbit MIDI controller in hopes of using it with Freestyler. I'm able to connect it to Freestyler (3.54) and when setting up the MIDI profile, I see appropriate MIDI channels / values change in the when assigning buttons to Freestyler functions.

I can't figure out why when all assignments are defined and confirmed committed, Freestyler won't respond to these commands. E.g. I have a few buttons setup on the Orbit to control sub master functions (up / down / stop / run) and nothing seems to respond. I suspect I'm missing something simple.

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Re: Numark Orbit MIDI Controller

Post by djbessant »

I know it's been a while but I've just purchased a Numark Orbit and I'm having the exact same issue myself...
Freestyler obvouisly recognises it but it doesn't do anything once you exit out of setup!

Edit: I've just updated to 3.6.3 and it seems to be working however I need to double tap for example:

Override button 1 (set all lights to blue):

1st tap = lamp dimmer 100%
2nd tap = change colour to blue
3rd tap = nothing I can see
4th tap = lamp dimmer 0%

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Re: Numark Orbit MIDI Controller

Post by the_pproject »

I have the Orbit too... Sorry my English isn´t Good Enough to say why, but I think it´s not possible to use it for (Flash - ) Overrides (because Toggle/NoteOnOff). But normal Overrides are working on the Numark Orbit. Maybe you first try to control simple functions - like Blackout... And do some experiments with the "Note On/Off" function in the MIDI settings. I have activated it....
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Re: Numark Orbit MIDI Controller

Post by Boone »

I also have the orbit. It works fine, but the only thing i had is that de led pad's doesn't have the colours that i have made in the orbit editor from numark.
The pads light up as black or white and not ass all the colours that i programmed.
Can U help of give me info please ?
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