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Post by Marvo2011 »


I have a Hollywood Strobe 1500 DMX risen unfortunately it made some problems and I had to create a separate fixture.

The stroboscope only works if the start address is set to 1. Then it takes 3 DMX channels.

1 Channel: Strobe
2 Channel: Strobe
3 Channel: Dimmer

Channel 1 and 2 must always be identical so that the strobe runs smoothly.
To make this easier, I created macros. (All images are from the original fixture freestylers folder.)

Hope it can help someone. It does not have the error occurs also with you. However, I have discovered a similar problem with reviews.
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Re: HOLLYWOOD Strobe 1500 DMX

Post by Nathanrs93 »

Thanks for the contributing Marvo :) It's never easier creating fixtures as I remember it was like a puzzle making my first one :lol: Keep up the good work :fs:
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Re: HOLLYWOOD Strobe 1500 DMX

Post by Kings »

Wow...I've had the same trouble with some cheap Chinese strobes with dodgy DMX but never thought to add the extra channel. Good find!
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Re: HOLLYWOOD Strobe 1500 DMX

Post by flashbeforemyeye »

Thank you very much!!!!!!! I had been trying so hard to find a solution and finally your workaround fixed my Astrolite Strobe. I configured the 3 channel fixture (strobe, strobe, dimmer), set up in DMX address n°1 (1-3) and it finally worked out. Excellent post!!! Congrats.
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