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DMX stops working

Questions and discussions regarding the 3D Visualiser Software incorporated with FreeStyler. The software is provided by Sunlight.
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Sunlight is the creater of Magic 3D Easy View we can try (the forum users) and help with any problems you have with the version provided with FreeStyler but remember this is a 3rd party program and not made by the FreeStyler Developer.
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DMX stops working

Post by trindt »

I have recently done a new install of Freestyler DMX V4.1.1 and associated Magic 3D. I have successfully created a layout in Magic 3D and one in Freestyler. When I initially launch Freestyler, and then Magic 3D, everything seems to work fine. I am able to fully control the simulated lights. However, after a short period, Freestyler quits sending DMX. If I look at the "output" window I see no movement in values no matter what I do with fixture control. The only solution is to delete each fixture in Freestyler and then add it again. After doing this, things work again for a short time, but then the same thing happens again. Stopping and starting Magic 3D and Freestyler has no effect. Only recreating fixtures seems resolve the issue - though only for a short period of time.

Has anybody else seen this problem?

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Re: DMX stops working

Post by djSupport »

Not seen it reported, report this on the bug tracker if you think it's a bug. Are your sequences looping?
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