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Lagotronics rgb Traffic light

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Lagotronics rgb Traffic light

Post by numtek »


Oh man, this took some time. I had this fixture for a couple of years but never got it to work.
So it seems channel one is the control channel and has to be set on 254 for the fixture to work.
You can turn on the seperate RGB lights by setting the two other channels you don't want to be on to 254.
Than just set the channel you want on to 252 for example.

To turn on red:
channel 1 [Control] = 254
channel 2 [Red] = 252
channel 3 [Green] = 254
channel 4 [Blue] = 254

There is a lot more trickery involved since there are a couple of modes available where the fixture reacts to music. As soon as I found out how to reproduce getting there I'll update this fixture, for now I'm just happy I added working macros to turn the seperate lamps on just one at a time. So yeah, don't combine the macro's and forget about controlled nice fades for now. You could get channel 2 to move from 1-255 but you'll found out that this will control the rest of the lights as well. It seems that each channel has a reserved block of values that control the entire fixture. For example if you do the following loop:

channel 1 [Control] = 254
channel 2 [Red] = 1-252
channel 3 [Green] = 254
channel 4 [Blue] = 254

You'll notice that the Green and Blue lights turn on/off as well, even thought you're only changing the values of the Red channel. This block seems to be located ranging somewhere between DXM-address 128-253. Yeah it is odd I know.

For some reasons I only got his to work on DMX-address 1. I also found out it has some odd testing mode (maybe achieved by setting channel 1 to 255?) where it will react to all DMX-data, not just the address it was set on.

Picture somewhat related. I'm merely posting this here for archiving purposes, in case anyone else runs into some old lagotronics gear.
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