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Showtec Inversion

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Showtec Inversion

Post by djotto »

This is my custom made fixture for the Showtec Inversion 17Ch mode.

I did'n set the pan and tilt options because of the four mirrors.
Please select also the "Showtec Inversion Mirror" fixture and set the DMX channel to the correct channel of each mirror.

I also set the Movement Speed option to the Intensity Channel.
This way you can use a Submaster fader in to control teh movement speed. This is very usefull when you are using the touchscreen mode.
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Re: Showtec Inversion

Post by Jan_K »


I just had a quick view on your fixture.

I think it is a bit difficult for other users to figure out which address they are to place the mirrors on.
They will need the manual each time they have to add it.

Have you considered to make 4 x 17 ch fixture. They are then to be placed on the same start address.
The only difference on the 4 fixtures are the mirror control.
no 1: All general control + mirror 1
no 2: All general control + mirror 2
no 3: All general control + mirror 3
no 4: All general control + mirror 4

You have reduced the fixtures to 4 instead of 5.
And it doesn't matter which one of the fixtures you use for general control as they all have the same start address

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