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Best Practices

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Best Practices

Post by tntproductions »

I'm relatively new to the software. Are there best practices when creating a light show? I have a bunch of PAR 64 LED's and several different kinds of moving heads. Is it at all possible to have the PAR 64's maintain a scene or cycle through some different colors and have the moving heads react to the beat of the music with a bunch of random dmx data thrown at them?

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Re: Best Practices

Post by PhantomDj »

Generally it's NOT a good idea to throw random DMX values on complex features like moving heads.
A much better practice would be to create different sequences per fixture type (or group, or properties) and then mix them together on one cue.

One sequence cycles colors on led par's
Another sequence cycles colors on moving heads
A third sequence provides the moves on the moving heads.

These three sequences running together in a cue provide a full show
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Re: Best Practices

Post by Partyman »

what he said^^^^
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Re: Best Practices

Post by Jan_K »

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Re: Best Practices

Post by SiGNe »

I'd say also checkout the Touch screen function.
I've been using Freestyler for quite a while now but thought "i don't have a touchscreen, i don't need that"
But after the new update i thought i'd check it out and it's a complete eyeopener.
Makes the program a lot easier to control.

I think it should have been more in the foreground in the wiki and the tutorials, it's a big function.
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