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Bezier Rot Locked Topic is solved

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Bezier Rot Locked

Post by maddog18476 »

I have three moving heads which I am trying to offset a circle bezier shape.
I select MH1 and make it 0 degrees.
Deselect MH1 and select MH2 and set Rot to 120 degrees.
Problem: Now MH1 and MH3 all have a 120 degree rotation.
I deselect all MH* and select MH2 and make it 240 degrees.
Problem: Now all MH are at 240 degrees.

How can I edit one moving head's rotation value without editing all of them?

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Re: Bezier Rot Locked

Post by buttza »

You are better off using the FX generator to create this. Then distribute evenly

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Re: Bezier Rot Locked

Post by anllelo_ve »

encontraste la forma ?

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Re: Bezier Rot Locked

Post by PhantomDj »

Well I followed a slight different approach for simple cases like this and it works:

1) Select ANY MH (doesn't matter for the moment)
2) Select the shape you want (Circle as an example)
3) Rotate the shape 60 degrees (as an example)
4) Save the shape as Circle_060
5) Rotate the shape again up to 120 degrees
6) Save the shape as Circle 120
7) Repeat the above steps up to Circle 300 degrees

Now, Select MH1 and choose shape -> Circle
Deselect MH1
Select MH2 and choose shape -> Circle_120
Deselect MH2
Select MH3 and choose shape-> Circle_240


There's only one problem:
When you edit the scene later movement window does NOT show which shape is selected/saved on the scene.
But that's a bug of how Freestyler works with bezier shapes, and not unique to the technique described above

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