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LED Trix in Cues

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LED Trix in Cues

Post by Te_za »

Hi All,
I would like to Save LED Trix in Cues, Is this possible with Free Styler.
I'm a Lighting operator, used to consoles like the ETC ION, and the Strand 520i.
figuring out if I can use Freestyler as a replacement for Hog PC??? as its just a bit cheaper than buying the Hog3 dongle.

I used LED trix to run a 4x3 LED strip wall the other day at a show, and was impressed with what you can achieve with a piece of free software.

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Re: LED Trix in Cues

Post by dmxlighting »

Sadly not at this time.

The suntrix and ledtrix plugin's are standalone programs within FS, much like the dmx400 chaser control.
I have no idea if our glorious developer has plans to change this but I would say probably not. It is what it is.

I have moved to using FS from using a zero 88 leap frog and have never looked back so you have made a good choice! :fs:
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Re: LED Trix in Cues

Post by buttza »

I know this thread was done a year ago. I was just wondering if anymore thought was put into this regarding adding LEDtrix scene to a cue? I'm only asking because I can see benefits in this. :D
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