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Frame Drops?

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Frame Drops?

Post by king_afro »

Hi ther,
i have brand new Ausus EEEPC T101m .
intel atom n450 @1,6ghz, 2gb ram, 320gb hdd, windows7, enttec open:

Live band contest with:
10 Igniton 1W LED Pars (6 chan. Mode)
4 Futurelight PHS-260 Movinglights (a15 Chan.)
4 Botex Stripeblinder (10 Chan.)
7 ADJ LED Mega Bar Tri (a 12 chan. Mode)

i tried to use
Suntrix with: 4 X Botex Stirpeblinder
and ledtrix with 7 X ADJ LED Mega Tribar

and have the same problem the gifs have drop outs or play it not right from begin to end. (i use only the test.gifs have no own stuff) if i switch to virtual interface i have the same problem.

any ideas?
hardware perfomence?

Knows how to turn Lights ON
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Re: Frame Drops?

Post by jadelicosner89 »

hmm i think you just got to re install everything,... the compatibility is okay but there is something wrong with the execution..
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Re: Frame Drops?

Post by remco_k »

99% chance the post above is a bot - please ignore its advice, so lets see how smart that one is. :lol:

jadelicosner89 - question for you.
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