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Can't get Freestyler and 3d Magic Viewer To Communicate

Questions and discussions regarding the 3D Visualiser Software incorporated with FreeStyler. The software is provided by Sunlight.
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Sunlight is the creater of Magic 3D Easy View we can try (the forum users) and help with any problems you have with the version provided with FreeStyler but remember this is a 3rd party program and not made by the FreeStyler Developer.
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Knows how to turn Lights ON
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Can't get Freestyler and 3d Magic Viewer To Communicate

Post by skelly69 »

Hey y'all, so, here's my problem:
I have gotten 3D Magic Viewer to say it's being controlled by Freestyler, and the green light says DMX is on, but when I turn my lights on in FS nothing happens in 3D????????? I've searched thru the forums, but have found nothing relating to my OS (Win 10). If anyone has had the same issues and figured it out would love to hear the solution!!!

Thanks all!!!!

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Re: Can't get Freestyler and 3d Magic Viewer To Communicate

Post by Nathanrs93 »


Try this topic. It might help you

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