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X Touch Mini Midi LED Feedback

Questions regarding general external control forum.
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X Touch Mini Midi LED Feedback

Post by bego1969 »

does anyone know how i can get the (Behringer) X Touch minis buttons led on (durable), after one of them was pressed?
Can only get them light up, as long as I am pressing the button, but i need to have the buttons LED on, until i press another button.


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Re: X Touch Mini Midi LED Feedback

Post by Laudrin »

Hey bego, I have a Akai APC 20 and after quite a amount of research and testing I found the solution to light up the buttons as I would like to. Maybe this could help you with your X-Touch mini.
  1. The APC 20 has to be put in Abelton mode via Sysex to show the lights. If it's in General Mode after startup, it will only show a short button flash when you press it. Other controllers do have a button / combination you have to press while powering on to put it in the correct mode. Maybe there's a similar way to change the button mode for the X-Touch. Refer to the manual or an internet search.
  2. After successfully enabling the right mode, you can configure how the button should behave when off and after pressed in the "external control", "MIDI control" setup. Put the MIDI-2-values into the "off" and "on" column.
  3. If there are still problems with the buttons, you can click on the red "options" in the above right corner of the FreeStyler Setup window. Try turning off or on "MIDICon".
If it does not work after trying all that, there is a possibility that this particular controller does not support button lights with FreeStyler.

Hope that helps.

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