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MIDI control with BCF-2000

Questions regarding the Behringer BCF2000 controller.
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MIDI control with BCF-2000

Post by Jaykie » July 12th, 2007, 10:02 pm

This is from the old forum
Hi all,

I recently purchased a BCF-2000 for use with Freestyler however I'm having trouble using the toggle buttons to select groups. The BCF-2000 has 16 toggle buttons with LED's that show current state (on/off). I want to have the buttons mapped to the Group select functions in freestyler ie. the first 10 buttons to the 10groups.

In normal operation the buttons send a certain note (or CC) with a value of 127 when toggled on, and the same note with value 0 when toggled off.

The first button press works fine (selects the right group), however to de-select the group you have to hit the button twice (goes to note/value0 then actually deselects the group in freestyler on the second press which sends note/value127).

Apart from being a bit of a pain this also gets the status LED's out of sync. ala, the LEDs on the controller don't correspond with the groups selected.

I have tried programming the BCF-2000 to change the on and off messages to both be 127 however it appears that the second 127 isn't sent (MIDI only sends changes???? not sure on that)

I have tried programming the BCF-2000 to send a on of value 127 and an off of 126, which almost works however I can't select and deselect the same group in a row. Ala, I can select group1 with button one, but I need send any other midi message before I can deselect group one (can be absolutely any midi message, not necessarily another group select).

I can use the trigger mode on the BCF for the buttons (where it sends a message for only as long as the button is held down), however this doesn't maintain the state of the LED. Ala, the selected groups in freestyler won't correspond to the LED's on the controller.

Any suggestions or help muchly appreciated.

PS. great program, thanks!

PPS. I had the same problem with a CME Bitstream I tested (that had "soft" LED's.

On the BCF edit the button in question, select mode (6th rottary dial button) and change value to t-Off this should fix your problem

I did try putting the buttons into toggle-off mode however that disables the LED (it sends a quick value 127 followed by value 0 so it's always "off" at the controller). It selects the group ok in freestyler but you lose the advantage of having toggle switches with LED's on the controller.

The reason I would like to have the LED's indicate what group i have selected is that I'm mixing using Traktor at the same time so I have Freestyler minimized. It's also the same functionality as a "traditional" lighting desk where you can see on the controller what you have selected.

Apart from an config option in Freestyler to ignore the value of the midi message, I can't think of another way of getting controllers with LED's to work with freestyler. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

It shouldn't disable the led,
Have you set freestyler up to send data back to the bcf?
Do the faders move if you change a value in freestyler?
Which version of freestyler are you running?
are you running the bcf in usb or Midi.

Kind regards

I have set MIDI out to be the BCF-2000 (using device BCF-2000[1] which is the same as input) but no, haven't had feedback working yet.

Am running freestyler 2.95h

And it's running in USB mode.

Thanks for your help

Thats really strange that no feedback is been shown, Maybe you could try reinstall the drivers for the bcf?

Just tried re-installing the drivers (am using version however have the same problem. I have tried modes U-1 and U-3 and also setting a global RX channel of 1 (it was off by default). Any other suggestions?


im not sure about those settings, iv never had to change mine.
my settings are as follows. from left to right. u-3, off, auto, last, id1.
i have it set in BC Mode, when the unit is off hold down the top left button (not rotary dial) and switch the unit on it should then display BC.
You may also want to update your device firmware from the behringer website.


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Re: MIDI control with BCF-2000

Post by rastalulu14 » March 22nd, 2018, 7:11 pm

Hi, exactly the same problem here. Have you resolv it and how ?


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