FreeStyler DMX is a Windows DMX-512 Lighting Control Software for the PC,

It's Free and all it requires is a DMX dongle connected to your PC Either by USB or Serial

There are various dongle's available and they are really affordable.

There is only one man who creates this software and he's done a damn good job at creating and developing FreeStyler please donate to him when you can!.

We host here the main support forum which contains all the latest BETA's and Discussions/Wiki/Troubleshooting etc about FS. - Home Page - This is Raph the Developers Homepage the main FS Web Site - FreeStyler's Support Forum - For all help, New Fixtures, Latest Beta's and Chat - FreeStyler's Online Manual is a wiki so we can update it accordingly when new features are released. All forum Members can edit the wiki so if you can contribute then jump in and help us out! - The BUG & Feature tracker. Please note this requires a seperate registration from the forum - Our NEW DMX related Wiki that requires people like you to make it the best Wiki there is teaching DMX, how to use software etc etc.

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